Skirtech Bullnose Skirting & Architrave Range


Bullnose is a very simple and clear design, guaranteed to give a modern chic look to any room.

Our Bullnose skirting and architrave sets, are manufactured in either a 3050mm (10ft) length, or the extended length of 4200mm, which is exclusively supplied by us, in a standard or moisture-resistant MDF, however please allow 5 to 7 days for delivery the 4200mm length option.

Our Bullnose hardwood architrave sets are superior quality, and available in European Oak, Oak, Sapele, Tulip and Ash finished to perfection, however please note that perfection takes a little time, so allow for 7 to 14 days delivery for our hardwood range. We ensure all hardwoods are sourced from a sustainable resource.

MDF Bullnose skirting remains one of our best selling products within our MDF range, due to its design specifications, and the superior grade MDF we use to manufacture all our products, making them far less absorbent.

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Bullnose MDF £6.95 Bullnose MDF
Architrave £13.75
Bullnose MDF 4200mm
Bullnose MDF
Architrave 4200mm
Bullnose Hardwood
Architrave Set
Bullnose MDF
Bullnose Hardwood
Skirting Board


You can guarantee an extra smooth finish, due to all our products being cut using superior quality carbide cutting knives, making it even easier for you to prime and paint once fitted, our knives provide much better quality on all our products. Consequently you can choose to have your products primed ready by us, so you can simply paint them with a top coat of your choice, saving you the hassle. Our moisture-resistant MDF range is the ideal purchase for use anywhere in a building, as it combats damp and moisture for a greater life. These additional options are also available in our architrave sets.

Our hardwood Bullnose skirting boards, are only available in a 3050mm length, due to their solid texture, however they are still available in the variety of materials mentioned above. This Bullnose design can be supplied in a 68mm sample, for just £1.67, giving you a better perspective. Its modern moulding effect will look great in any room you choose, simply decide on which material suits your environment the best.

We produce all our products ourselves, at our UK manufacturing base.

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