Skirtech Bullnose Architrave Set Range


At Skirtech we offer a variety of styles, with each of our products having different options, such as extended lengths and moisture-resistant materials available. We even offer to prime your Architrave sets for you, so their ready to paint saving you the time. This style is an extremely simplistic design, which brings a clear and chic appearance to any door frame, focusing on a modern and refreshed look, ideal for a new build. We supply other styles similar to this design, however moderately different, for example check out our Small Bullnose range.

Please select either of the images below to find out more about each set, and if it's the right set for your home. Their detailed descriptions are clearly displayed, so all you have to do is select your requirements:      


Bullnose MDF
Architrave £13.75
Bullnose MDF
Architrave 4200mm


All our products are manufactured from Superior quality materials, which are proven to result in an immaculately smooth and sleek finish. Our Superior grade MDF, is one of our most popular quality materials, due to both its good texture and reasonable cost. It is available for you to buy in either a standard or moisture-resistant option. Our moisture-resistant MDF is ideal for use anywhere in a building, as it combats damp or moisture for a greater life. Superior grade MDF is less absorbent, requiring less primer to cover it, giving you the added advantage of saving more time and money on paint. You may also wish us to prime your Architrave set for you, ready for you to paint with a top colour and coat of your choice. All our Architrave is cut using our Superior carbide cutting knives, making them even easier to care for after manufacturing, and ensures an even smoother finish. So whether you require a standard or extended 4200mm length, or even a unique measurement, due to the bespoke services we offer, we are always happy to discuss and design an Architrave set for you. With the huge choice and quality we offer, you can be sure to find the perfect Architrave set to complete your home. Check out the rest of our Architrave collection, to guarantee you choose the right set for your home today.

Our hardwood architrave range is available in many different options, including European Oak, Sapele, Ash and many more, each supplied via sustainable sources. To find out whether we can provide you with the right style and length hardwood set you require, please contact us on 0845 838 1463 and we will be happy to give you a bespoke quote. However if you simply wish to receive a quick quote on any of our MDF set designs, then please email us via this link.          

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