Skirtech MDF Skirting Boards and Architrave Sets


MDF includes a large range of our products, with Ovolo skirting, Bullnose skirting, Lambs Tongue skirting and Square skirting being just a few of the categories displaying our Skirting and Architrave Sets available, in a variety of materials. Our designs reflect the different styles we provide for many unique properties, requested by our customers. We manufacture our products in moisture-resistant MDF, and solid woods, however MDF remains one of our best selling materials, due to the light but solid texture, and the amazing prices we offer, for both our standard and exclusive 4200mm length MDF skirting boards and architrave sets.

We are constantly striving to maintain our high standards, and derive up-to-date research, on superior quality tools and materials, with our individual customers needs in mind. By doing this, we are ready to provide you with the smoothest finish time after time, whilst calculating the fastest delivery rate, to make sure you receive your products as soon as possible. Please click on the above links to see a few of our design ranges, and further details of each. MDF skirting has been popular in traditional and contemporary properties.

We also manufacture our own Plinth Blocks and Rosettes, once again supplied in a variety of different materials. The specifications and delivery allowances are discussed when you select each product. Please take your time to view our entire product range displayed below: