Skirtech Quality Victorian Skirting Range


All our Victorian range, and architrave is uniquely cut with superior quality carbide cutting knives for the smoothest finish, manufactured here in the UK by us, available in either a 3050mm standard length or the extended 4200mm length, supplied exclusively in a moisture resistant grade MDF, please allow 5 to 7 days for delivery on this extended length offer. Moisture-resistant MDF is a great material to install throughout a building to combat damp, preventing any unsightly damp areas.  

Our range is less absorbent, requiring less primer to cover it, saving you more money. The skirting is prepared, ready for you to prime and paint it, however we may prime the boards for you, if you request so you can simply paint the top coat, with a colour of your choice.  

A 68mm sample is available for you to purchase, to help demonstrate the unique moulding at the top of the boards and architraves, so you can gain a better perspective of the general look it will set within a room.

Please click on the images listed below, to view further details regarding each of our products.           

Victorian MDF     Victorian MDF Architrave   Victorian MDF 4200mm Victorian MDF Architrave 4200mm

   Victorian MDF Sample