Bullnose 15mm MDF Architrave Length

Price Excluding VAT: £7.61
Price Including VAT: £9.14

Product Code: BUL AL15

Product ID: 544

Brand: Skirtech

Unique Bullnose MDF Architrave Length 15mm

Superior Quality

Our Architrave is produced by us at our manufacturing base in the UK. We only use Superior grade MDF, which is less absorbent, needing less primer to cover it meaning you save time and money on paint.

All Architrave is cut using our Superior carbide cutting knives for the smoothest finish, making it even easier to prime and paint, giving much better quality. Optionally, you can choose to have the Architrave primed ready for painting with top coat of your choice.

Available in moisture-resistant MDF, which is ideal for use anywhere in the building and combats damp or moisture for greater life.

Please select from 44mm,57mm.62mm.69mm.80mm and 96mm widths

Price Breaks

We offer price breaks on some of our items when you order more than the the standard qty amounts.

Qty Price
1+ £9.14
20+ £8.67
30+ £8.21
40+ £7.76


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